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Arts In London

Tate Britain: A walk-through of 500 years of British art

London has always been one of the most well known cities in the world. A culturally rich city, London has several fascinating and unique galleries which people can and should also visit. The art galleries which I would recommend people to visit in London:

Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace
This gallery shows various pieces from the Royal Collection including famous works by Leonardo and Vermeer.

Their have been many additions to the amount of items on display after a recent extension. I personally like viewing the jewels that are on show, which are very impressive. The whole place is steeped in history and some of the pieces of furniture on display are not only worth huge sums of money, they are also extremely old and superbly maintained.

The National Gallery
There are a number of superb and famous paintings at the National Gallery including:

The Ambassadors
A Woman Bathing In A Stream
Virgin And Child With St Anne And John The Baptist
Rokeby Venus
The many paintings in this gallery date from 1260-1900.

National Portrait Gallery
This gallery opened in 1856 and houses many paintings and also some very famous portraits such as:

Margaret Thatcher
Germaine Greer
Horatio Nelson
The Serpentine Gallery

This happens to be my favorite gallery as it tends to show more contemporary artists. It is located near Kensington Gardens and is a must in my opinion.

Tate Britain
Many people believe that this gallery has the best collection of British art in the world. This gallery offers a free guided tour and there are films every day of the week. Some of the paintings on show at the Tate Britain are:

Sancta Lilias
Flatford Mill
Norham Castle, Sunrise
Elohim Creating Adam
Pink And Green Sleepers

The Tate Modern
This is a fairly new gallery which is located on the South bank of the Thames. It shows modern art from early 1900 to the present day.

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